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We are a company based in Catania and Lomazzo, Italy. Our production plants are in Licata and Cogliate, also in Italy.

Ohoskin is a bio-based material made of Sicilian oranges and cacti. It has the feeling of high-quality animal leather but is 100% cruelty-free. It is ideal for the most conscious, prestigious brands in the fashion, automotive, and interior design industries.

It can vary depending on your choices. Contact us on [email protected] for a customized quote.

It varies depending on the shipping address. Contact our sales department at [email protected] to find out more.

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If you want to place a customized order, contact us at [email protected]

From two to three weeks since the order placement.

Of course! We ship from Italy with DHL, UPS, SDA, and BRT. Any extra tax or customs fee it will be charged to you by your local authority. It is something we don’t control.

We managed to keep the entire supply and production chain in Italy. It was a dream we achieved thanks to strong and well-established industrial partners such as Novartiplast Italia. In this way, we can keep the production chain transparent. We process the raw material (oranges and cacti) in Sicily, while the manufacturing of the finished product takes place in Novartiplast’s plants in Lombardy.

It varies from where Ohoskin will be shipped to.

Ohoskin is made into two versions, PU and PVC, each made to meet the highest quality standards required by the fashion, interior design, or automotive industry.

ohoskin has passed ISO international textile testing standards.
Our products meet the quality standards required by UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. All our products are REACH compliant. Also, we use 100% phthalate-free PVC.

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Thanks, but we have all the oranges and cacti we need. 🙂 We sealed a partnership with Sicilbiotech Srl, a company that transforms and extracts high-value matrices from agro-industrial waste.

No, Ohoskin is a 100% cruelty-free alternative to luxury animal leather, it is a textile made from citruses and cacti.

Yes, it is. No animal is involved in its production at any time. Ohoskin does not use any animal-derived materials, so that the Anti-vivisection league has awarded us with the Animal-Free Label with the highest ranking of VVV+.

Yes, it is. On request, we can produce Ohoskin with any color, texture, supporting textile, or bio-based content. You can send your request to [email protected]

We’ll be happy to answer your questions! Write to us with your questions at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Yes, Ohoskin is protected by a national patent extended into an International PCT in 2020.

Yes, it is. In 2019, we conducted a feasibility study in collaboration with Milan University and our production partners. The study was sponsored by the Lombardy government through the “Smart and fashion design” grant. Since then, we have started production in 2020.

The tanning industry is one of the most polluting in the fashion industry. It also kills animals and consumes a lot of water. Ohoskin is a lot more sustainable than leather, because it is made with organic byproducts of the cosmetic and food industry. It also is REACH compliant, and we use 100% phthalates-free PVC.
>To learn more about the environmental and moral costs of the tanning industry,  read our blog.

Thanks to our method, we create a luxury-grade material that looks and feels like quality leather out of agricultural byproducts such as the residue of oranges squeezing and cacti trimming.
To learn more about our process, read our blog.

The biological components we use come from organic plantations and are the byproducts of the cosmetic and food industry. Until now, they had been needed to be disposed of with high environmental and economic costs. With our process, a byproduct of some industry becomes a raw material for another. In this way, we give it a new value, generating profit for each player in the production chain, and relieving the land from yet another waste.

Ohoskin is partly biodegradable, and it degrades in controlled industrial conditions.